The Unrequited Love Poem

The Unrequited Love Poem

It sprung forth gently, in the Spring of this love

It was new, it was fresh , it was a beautiful beginning.

My heart opened up like a blossoming flower

My heart, that was a wasteland, was being brought to life.


The love grew warmer and more intense.  The heat growing as my heart grew fuller –

The Summer of our love.

The feelings were strong, the emotions were real

She was the love of my life, my one true soul-mate.

Our love grew stronger as the fruit of a healthy vine

The branches were strong, the winds had not yet blown – our love was untested.


The weather turned crisp, the fruit grew fat and juicy until the skin split open

Revealing the rotting flesh beneath

A brown spot here, a bird-pecked remnant there

Gossip and tales, suspicions and late night calls, out till late, coded messages

All woven together and combined

Are these people for real, is there any truth to these thoughts

Have the birds been at the fruit, has it all been spoiled?


Winter snuck up and stole into our love

The frost bit the edges whilst the cold filled my heart and stole into our love

My love which was fiery, alive and bright

Has become cold and unnatural, a cycle of life, a beginning and an end.

I am over this love, it seems to have run its course

I am dead, I am passionless and my head is filled with lies.

My heart no longer feels, she is nothing to me

This love I once felt has hollowed me out.


Where once the edges had softened

They are now prickly and brittle

This once all-consuming love has been turned upside down

And, just as the seasons make way for the next

So, she too must go

My body must rest.

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