The Funny Side of MS #3986: My Flare-Up made me Look like a Flirt

The Funny Side of MS #3986: My Flare-Up made me Look like a Flirt

You know when you’ve had children and certain dignities and privacies go out the window?  Well, MS is a bit like that too!  Where once I would have been mortified to draw any sort of unwanted attention to myself, I find I no longer give a monkeys (almost!)…It’s probably just as well…there have been moments where it would have been nice to have a hole open up in front of me?…

Picture it:  A very busy week had turned into a very busy (and warm) weekend.  I was having a great week though and feeling good so decided to have a girly outing with my youngest.  Shopping, coffee, a little more shopping and perhaps just enough time to squeeze in another coffee.

I was standing in a queue, ready to make payment when (*twitch*) I felt the tell-tale sign of an impending flare-up (*gasp*).  A shop full of people, a lengthy queue that I had just gotten to the front of and MS (my trusty sidekick) thinks this would be a good time to come out and play.  I was determined to see this thing through;  we were almost at the tills and, if my calculations were correct, I had a couple of minutes before the vertigo or the dead leg or whatever it was that was coming arrived.

So, what is the tell-tale sign of an impending flare-up?  For me, it’s when my right eye begins to twitch.  Not noticeably, at first, until it turns into a full-blown wink and that’s exactly the direction this was headed.

I got to the till, threw the armful of clothes on the counter and began dancing from one foot to the other, impatiently waiting for the man-child behind the till to ring everything up.  (*twitch*)(*twitch*)(*wink*)  Oh flip-me!  There it goes, in less time than I thought! (*wink*)(*wink*)(*wink*)

By this time I’m grinning sheepishly hoping the man-child doesn’t try and engage me in conversation, or worse, make eye-contact.  I’m trying desperately to push the ATM card into the slot when there’s a tugging at my elbow.

“Mom?  MOM!!” It’s my daughter trying to get my attention through gritted teeth and the beginnings of teenage angst.  Clearly, in my growing frustration and panic I have missed a social cue – it’s the only time I get scowled at in public? .  (*wink*)(*wink*)(*wink*)(*wink*)(*wink*)

I look at her, she gives me the eye roll?, I look at the guy behind the till.  “Ma’am?” (*wink*)(*wink*) “Would you like a bag?” (*wink*)(*wink*)(*wink*).  Well, there it is:  full on eye-contact made and I’m standing there winking uncontrollably at a man-child young enough (almost!) to be my son.

“Yes please.”  I mumble, pretending to be completely pre-occupied with the card machine, fingers poised above the buttons, ready to key my number in, complete the transaction and escape any further public humiliation.

I may have left my dignity behind in that shop but I did walk away with something…a hastily scribbled note on the back of the receipt:


07# ### #####

I have no words!? (*wink*)(*wink*)


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This was probably not funny when it was happening, but it’s a humourous story regardless! Thanks for sharing and finding the humour in it! 🙂


    No, you’re right…not so funny at the time but I am able to laugh about it now…it’s all about finding the positives?

Natalie | Surviving Life's Hurdles

Thanks for sharing such a funny story, it’s so nice to read such a light-hearted take on some of the symptoms we suffer with this frustrating disease! I think sometimes you have to try to see the funny side of it where you can, I definitely need to do this more.


    I agree, this is a very frustrating disease and it’s not always easy to see beyond the pain and suffering so it’s really nice to turn things on their head sometimes and find a little bit of light through the dark. Stay strong and thank you for reading! x

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