My Burden to Bear!

My Burden to Bear!

I was gifted a burden

It’s my burden to bear

My burden is childlike

It doesn’t play fair

It takes what it sees, without a thought or a care.

This is my burden,

My burden to bear.


My burden is an illness, a chronic one at that

It’s called Multiple Sclerosis

And it’s not something I can redact

After plenty of tests and donations of blood

I was bombarded with information 

It came at me like a flood.


You’re broken, you’re damaged, you cannot be mended

Your thoughts will become muddled, and your senses offended.

We’ll give you some meds, your MS will slow

But with all of the side-effects, your anxiety will grow.

You don’t have to worry, don’t give it a thought

We can prescribe something for that too

If it’s an easy life you sought.


Doctors and specialists and a growing list of meds

New lesions revealed as the condition, it spreads

I throw up my hands and wonder at my new life

A life full of struggle, a life full of strife.

No, I cannot give up and I cannot lose sight

For I’m strong and I’m able and I’m up for the fight.


As this is my burden

My burden to bear

I will not wallow nor succumb to despair

My life it is precious, it’s veritably a gift

So there are changes I must make, my mindset must shift

I don’t want to be bitter, angry or hateful

I want to appreciate my life and be truly grateful

I’ll be happy and positive and put on a brave face

So that I can carry this burden I cannot displace.


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